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    For excelling in the current era of globalization and industrialization, knowing a foreign language has become a must. Most of the top organizations are multi-nationals and expect one to have a grasp over local language of the country they belong to. Having global presence and collaborative teams at different geographical locations, such companies expect their employees to be able interact and team up with lingually diverse teams. For instance, the manufacturing department at Honda Cars India needs to interact with their Japanese counterparts on a daily basis and hence Honda India gives an edge to candidates who are conversant with Japanese Language and /or Culture.

    In today´s ‘Global Economy’ model, language barrier has emerged as a major obstacle in communication. Knowledge of at least one foreign language is the demand and need of rapidly changing time. In these dynamic times, where one has to keep updated with latest technologies / methodologies in order to sustain in the volatile market, foreign language skill once acquired becomes a permanent asset and always remains a ‘bullet’ item in one´s resume.

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